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Enabling GSX web services

It is necessary to enable web services on your account to run GSX GsxWarranty. If you have the "Administrator" role in your account privileges, Web services are already enabled.

Such activation is necessary for the following roles :
- Apprentice
- Technician
- Warehouse Technician
- IOs Apprentice
- Manager

The following roles can not access the web services :
- Reseller Registration
- Admin Depot

Procedures on the Apple GSX site…


1 - Connect to the "" website

2 - Click on the People menu and open the Users section


3 - Select the user’s name to be modified in the users list

4 - Activate a role to access the "Can access the web services" option and enable it.

Then click the Save button to commit the changes.

You can use GsxWaranty or GestioTech with all
logins on which web services are enabled.

Sold-To Number…

Your Sold-To number is displayed at the bottom of the GSX webpage, right next to your company name.