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New version available

New version 1.0.4 of GsxWarranty is available. You need to re-enter your password into application preferences.

GsxWarranty Features…

GsxWarranty is a small utility program which allows you, by entering the serial number of an Apple product, to check a warranty status and also to retrieve the list of parts available for such product.
Such checking is done in direct link with Apple therefore an access account to the Apple GSX site is required. To activate the Web services on a GSX account, follow the guidelines given in the user manual
available here.

It makes it possible to dramatically save time when checking of a warranty or searching for parts since it exempts from being connected to the Apple Web site. 

Less than 5 seconds are necessary with GsxWarranty to get the results of a warranty checking and to load available parts.



Software Configuration...

Connect with your GSX login as to log in the Apple GSX website.

The Sold-To reference number is the Sold-To number of your AASP (Apple Authorized Service Provider).

Once configured, you will no longer have to enter your login information, GsxWarranty stores it to avoid you losing valuable time.


Connection with the GSX site...

GsxWarranty connects to the Apple's GSX site through the APIs provided by Apple.

It retrieves information on the serial number warranty and gets the list of available parts to order.

The whole process lasts on average less than 5 seconds.

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Detailed Information...

GsxWarranty displays detailed information concerning warranty status.

This information is directly related to the GSX site and updated in real time.

The guarantee status (Limited Warranty, AppleCare Protection Plan, Out of warranty, CS Code ...), the full description of the model and configuration instructions.

If such information is available, GsxWarranty displays the country of purchase, the purchase date and the remaining number of days of guarantee.

But also, the type of contract associated with the machine and the contract termination date.


Display and search for parts...

GsxWarranty allows you to display all available parts for the entered serial number.

Moreover, it allows to do real-time research on all available information, part reference number, its description or its EEE Code.

All together with an immediate visible result.

Reference copie

Reference number direct copy...

GsxWarranty allows you to select the part which interests you.

Immediately, the reference number is copied to the clipboard.

You can paste it in any other software by simply using the "Paste" command.


Compatible with MacTracker…
New features in the GsxWarranty 1.0.1 version

GsxWarranty enables you to see all the details of a machine thanks to compatibility with the MacTracker software.

This feature is only available for the GsxWarranty Mac version.

MacTracker must be set up in the application directory, it is available at


GsxWarranty works the same way, with the same interface whether on Mac OS X or Windows.


International Availability…

GsxWarranty is available in five languages​​, i.e English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. The language is directly selected according to the default language of your operating system, you can also freely change in the software preferences.


Download version 1.0.4

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Details of versions

Version 1.0.4…

- Bug fixes on password
- Add encrypt 256bit password

1.0.3 Version…

Display of the ASD version to be used

1.0.2 Version…

Translation added for interface items
Animation added when copying the machine model, description or warranty status.

1.0.1 Version…

- Compatibility with the MacTracker software, available at
- Bug fixes
- Searching for parts, functional item when downloading parts
- Copy of the machine model, description or warranty status added when clicking on an item
- Software version control and information added if an update is available.