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Full management for AASPs…

Nowadays, an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) must fully manage its customers’ follow-up, as well as the history of each machine in the repair process to provide an extensive follow-up with its customers but also to be able to quickly answer any requests.

GestioTech includes all the necessary tools to properly follow-up with customers.

All the management process is simplified with GestioTech, you will not spend more time on customer follow-up, GestioTech does it for you, you are free to focus on the repair process.


Forget double data entry…

Capturing files on the GSX site is the greatest waste of time for an AASP. 
The administrative process is taking more than half of the time devoted to the repair process.

In GestioTech, all the GSX process is automated and integrated: just click on the button “Order in GSX”, and the repair procedure is automatically created in GSX. 

Everything is included in GestioTech : you can use it to create orders, check warranties, update KBB / KGB serial numbers, end repair processes, download the return labels and create consolidated product returns.

With GestioTech, you’ll no longer need to connect to the Apple GSX site. The whole process is managed in GestioTech.


More informations coming soon…